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A Comparative Study of Dreams of the Blind and of the Sighted with Special Reference to Freud's Theory


Unpublished thesis, Indiana University, submitted 1913

Pages 172
Language English
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Book contributor American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., M.C. Migel Library
Collection aphmigel; medicalheritagelibrary; americana
Notes table of contents are on the title page


Reviewer: kristinmak - - September 25, 2014
Subject: Booo!!!
"Those that cannot do, teach". More talmudic riffraff now tells us that infant's thumb sucking is "perverse". Nonsense! Freud's intent was to reduce all human actions into perverse ulterior motive. There are the ignorant indignant who becry to critics of modern art of being "uneducated in art" as are those who were fooled by Freud's own perversity, mistaking it for genius.

The text (.TXT) file is almost unreadable- many errors.

Previous "reviewer" (quotes intentional) gave this FIVE STARS! I am certain based on the mere fact a relative wrote it. Well, I suppose I can go give FIVE STARS! to my very well known distant relative author's works based on the fact I am related? unlike previous reviewer- I am not posting my personal email in hopes someday, someone will interview me about my illustrious ancestors...